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Clerint Platform

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Clerint Platform

A web based system that integrates NHS Trusts using Cleric scheduling solution to local taxi firms using iCabbi dispatch.


Sheffield, South Yorkshire


3 Months


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Project overview

The requirements for the Clerint project sound simple - create a solution that integrates two existing systems so that they could 'speak' with each other. In reality, this was a very complex task that required over 6,000 lines of code and meticulous testing throughout. The first existing system is called Cleric, which NHS trusts use to book in patient transport. The second existing system is called iCabbi, a dispatch solution that local taxi firms use. The aim was to link these two systems so NHS trusts can easily push patient transport jobs to local taxi firms.

The project involved various stakeholder meetings in order to gather requirements, create project plans and ensure those plans would be feasible between the two systems. We then went ahead and designed the database architecture for the project as well as the front-end portal. The portal allows companies to log into the system to make changes and monitor incoming jobs. It was important to make the user interface for this project as simple as possible and allow different levels of access.

We built the project in different stages, testing them extensively before moving onto the next task. This was important as there would be finaincal implications on both businesses if something was to go wrong. Once the front-end development was complete we moved on to coding the back-end functionality. This involved creating a system where bookings would be received from Cleric, pushed into iCabbi and assigned to a taxi driver, then important KPI information pushed back to Cleric.

The project involved working closely with multiple companies in order to create a solution. Once the system passed testing it was implemented into the business in stages to ensure a smooth handover. Clerint has been a great success and has been responsible for cutting admin overheads, improving data accuracy and developing better business relationships.

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